Mosquito Nets: Luxury or Necessity?

When you and your family are sitting out on the porch having a barbecue while the kids play in the pool, you don’t want to be disturbed by annoying bugs. While this isn’t a problem in regions of the United States like Arizona, where there isn’t much (if any) humidity, it is a troublesome proposition in other areas of America.

It is an ordeal trying to get mosquito spray on people or having to constantly fend off mosquitoes while barbecuing or reading outside in areas that have high humidity. But here in America it isn’t too hard to either go inside, or get some mosquito netting.

However, in Africa and other places around the world, it isn’t so easy. Mosquito netting is a necessity. They have houses that don’t keep bugs out very well and they don’t have access to hospitals as easily.

This site as well as it’s related sites are dedicated to distributing bulk and other mosquito-repelling materials so that your family can relax in comfort and those that aren’t as fortunate can survive and increase their quality of life.